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Rental Policy

Rental Tips

Renting an apartment can be a tedious and anxiety producing task, if you allow it to be. The solution is simple. Don’t allow it to be. Armed with some basic information you can make the process easier.

Remember that when you rent you are making only a limited agreement. You will know in advance what you are getting, how long you will be there, and how much it will cost. You’re not buying a house, getting married, or making a long -term commitment. Relax. You’ll live longer.

There are only four (4) variables in renting. A) Size B) Price C) Location D) Amenities If you are willing to pay the price, you can have it all. If not, take the time in advance to consider where you are willing to compromise. For example, do you need a washer/dryer in the apartment? Will a coin op in the basement do? Can you live without central air? You decide, but give it some thought in advance.

Decide in advance what you want to pay per month in rent, and be honest with us about it. If you cannot spend more than $750.00, don’t look for or at $1000.00 apartments. The reverse is also true. If you are really in the $1000.00 range, don’t spend your time looking at $750.00 apartments. There are no $1000.00 available for $750.00. Because of the volume of calls we take, and appointments we keep, there are times when we have to limit appointments, and all you will have succeeded in doing is denying yourself the opportunity to see appropriate alternatives. If you need help in determining how much you should be spending, check “Frequently Asked Questions”.

Decide in advance whether you want to live alone or with roommates. If there are two or more of you, plan time when you can both see apartments together. Many apartments have been lost because the “other” roommate was not there to say yes. For the same reason, if you need parental approval, please arrange an
appointment that both (all) of you can attend.

Residential leasing is a seasonal business. Even though apartments are available throughout the year, by far the largest selection is available from May 1st through September 1st. Estimates are that 90% of our rentals become available during this time. Not surprisingly, this is also the busiest time for our office to show apartments. If you see an apartment that seems to be a good value and meets your needs during the busy season, you need to understand that apartments this time of the year go quickly. If you don’t take it when it’s available someone else will.

Be prepared to make a decision. The best way to do this is to be informed. Read “Frequently Asked Questions”, Rental Procedure” and Application Processing”. I promise you that the ten minutes you spend on this will be helpful, and could save you hours or days of anguish and wasted time.