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Multi-Family Management Services

Property Management Group, a Philadelphia property management firm, maintains one of the highest retention rates in the industry while keeping an eye toward the market to ensure that you are achieving the highest possible yield from your investment. Our goal is to minimize turnover cost to ensure that you receive the highest possible profits from year to year.

Our multifamily services are intended to address the most difficult and complex property investor needs. With over 35 years of experience you can trust Property Management Group to provide accurate property analysis, financial reports and excellent customer service.

Multifamily Services we provide

  • Multifamily property analysis based on decades of experience to evaluate operating performance
  • Physical risk assessment report to pinpoint short and long term goals
  • Accurate, timely and informative financial reporting systems utilizing the latest technology. Currently we use AppFolio – one of the best property management softwares on the market – to handle day-to-day accounting operations
  • Automated lease renewal and move out information, which helps us prepare for possible units that will need to be filled. Tenants are notified 90 days prior to the end of their lease and have 30 days to let us know their intentions. This allows us to have 60+ days to rent the unit, which greatly limits vacancies.
  • Preparation and distribution of Tenant Manuals incorporated into a tenant orientation program prior to move in, which will ensure a smooth transition to a new tenant.
  • Efficient handling of all administrative tenant matters by experienced employees with many years of experience in the Real Estate industry.
  • Automated collection systems for delinquent tenants, and up-to-the-minute tracking of payment or non-payment. AppFolio’s electronic payment system ensures that your tenants can pay rent immediately after being notified via e-mail and/or text message
  • 24 hour maintenance services to help maintain your building and keep tenants happy. These include heating issues, leaks from plumbing and re-securing the building/apartment after a lock issue. Our emergency contractor has a decade-plus experience with multiple repair disciplines to ensure that they can handle any situation.
  • Unit get ready capability for move ins from licensed and insured painters and cleaners.
  • Lease-up promotions programs with the ability to lease blocks of units through governmental agencies, corporations, colleges, hospitals
  • Design and construction management capability using our deep roster of contractors and other consultants.
  • On-site or off-site management systems
  • Active in Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM), which is an international community of real estate managers dedicated to ethical business practices, maximizing the value of investment real estate, and promoting superior management through education and information sharing
  • Use of the AppFolio Property Management software to make tracking, organizing and distributing of invoices, monthly expense statements and upcoming lease renewals easier. This program allows us to attach leases and monthly statements to your private portal so that you can easily access them whenever you need.
  • Ability to accept on-line electronic payments to help reduce delinquencies and defaults of rental payments. This significantly shorten the time it takes to make the account whole.

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