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Property Investor Management Services

This specialty area of management for the investor that owns individual units is the cornerstone from which PMG was formed. Reliable, professional property management is critical in order to maximize the value of your assets.

Property Investor Services We Provide:

  • Menu of programs include contract (finding a tenant only), management, or both
  • Market analyses to determine rental rate expectations with at least a decade of experience in Philadelphia, including Center City, South Philadelphia and the Art Museum Area to draw from.
  • Cash flow projections to ensure that cash needs are anticipated well in advance
  • Property evaluations to determine the need for any capital improvements to help maximize its market value
  • Cash flow and capital improvements recommendations presented to assist the investor in making informed decisions
  • Hold versus sell decision models including yield analysis to assist the owner in determining long and short term goals
  • Timely, accurate, easy to read financial reports released by the end of every month
  • Efficient handling of all administrative and legal tenant matters
  • 24 hour maintenance services to help maintain your building and keep tenants happy. These include heating issues, leaks from plumbing and re-securing the building/apartment after a lock issue.
  • Unit get ready capability for move ins from licensed and insured painters and cleaners
  • Automated on-line credit check services
  • Use of AppFolio Property Management software for all of our managed units to make tracking, organizing and distributing of invoices, monthly expense statements and upcoming lease renewals easier.
  • Ability to accept on-line electronic payments to help reduce delinquencies and defaults of rental payments.
  • Landlord tenant escrow account management

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