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The purpose of this page is to review general appliance service calls, and to provide you with specific information which might easily solve your problem, and could save you the cost of a service call which may be the tenants’ responsibility in some cases. This list will not solve all problems; however it will solve some of them immediately, and will help to resolve the others more quickly. Please review this information before calling for service.

Dishwasher: The most common complaints are overflowing or backing up.

Leaking/ Overflowing: Most common reason is the use of improper detergent. Hand wash dish detergent is completely different from dishwasher detergent and will create more suds which will overflow. If you have used the wrong detergent, run a rinse cycle with no detergent to clear it out. Remember to place a towel around the base to catch any water until the system clears.
Not draining: There are three predominant causes

  1. The drain or G/D in the kitchen sink is clogged. The D/W drains through the kitchen sink, and if your drain is clogged, the water will obviously not be able to drain. Please visit page on drain and G/D clogs for directions.
  2. The G/D is jammed Please visit page on drain and G/D clogs for directions.
  3. Food from the dishes may not have been properly rinsed before being placed in the D/W, and particles have now clogged the pump in the unit. An appliance repair tech is usual required to clear this.

No water: In most cases this is easily fixed by turning on the water to the D/W under the hot water line below the kitchen sink. It’s no harder that turning on any faucet.