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Construction, Maintenance and Janitorial Services

Property Management Group has full-service licensed construction and maintenance contractors capable of handling virtually every request or contingency. Our contractors are keenly aware that each property has its own unique special needs, providing the special handling that sets us apart.

Services we provide:

  • General Contractor capabilities for the minor issues that do not require special training (common area light bulbs, sealing mouse holes, minor paint issues, etc.). They are able to quickly solve these issues usually within 24-48 hours
  • Plumbing, electrical and roofing expertise for those more difficult repairs that require an innate knowledge of the issue with an ability to improvise if needed. These repairs can be made in a timely fashion to keep both the building in good condition and the tenant happy and more likely to stay.
  • Trained and certified in lead and asbestos testing and removal. This will help reduce the time between testing and removal.
  • 24 hour maintenance services to help maintain your building and keep tenants happy. These include heating issues, leaks from plumbing and re-securing the building/apartment after a lock issue. Our emergency contractor has a decade-plus experience with multiple repair disciplines to ensure that they can handle any situation
  • Emergency board-up capability for property security in case of a fire, flood or break-in. Our skilled and experienced contractors can do this within a few hours of the incident
  • Ability to identify any possible code issue either in the interior or exterior of the building, and the expertise to make sure it meets the City’s requirements. This reduces you need to deal with License and Inspections, and virtually eliminates any situation where a fine would be levied
  • Bonding available for large construction projects
  • Preventative maintenance programs such as changing HVAC filter, certifying smoke detectors, winterizing the building if needed, etc. These annual services helps keep the building in its best condition and limit repair issues reported by tenants
  • Janitorial service programs. Both monthly hall cleaning and end of lease turnover, including carpet cleaning. Our crews are all licensed, insured and have years of experience in their field.
  • Cost savings recommendations to help maximize your profits, while still maintaining your building and keeping your tenants happy
  • Facilities support programs

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