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About Us

PMG was founded in 1982 by Robert Bremner. Mr. Bremner represented real estate investors who felt that he could do a better job than the property managers currently handling their properties. PMG was born directly as a result of the confidence of these investors. Shortly thereafter, other investors and homeowners approached PMG for help with their properties. Many of these original clients are clients today.


PMG has been successful in many aspects of the real estate market. In the early years PMG focused on the most difficult part of the industry – the management and rental of small real estate projects throughout the Philadelphia Region. In this most competitive part of the market, Mr. Bremner developed efficient state of the art systems to ensure the satisfaction of clients and the profitability of the Company.

From its beginnings, PMG has evolved into a full service real estate company providing construction, maintenance, consulting and brokerage services to an expanding client base. Today PMG serves both individual investors, Community Associations, Banks, Municipalities and portfolio managers.

Mission Statement

Property Management Group’s mission is to provide professional services to owners of both small and large residential and commercial property as well as Condo Associations and HOAs in the Philadelphia area. We strive to support the owners of our properties with a complete range of services to ensure the success of our owners investments and the well being of their properties.