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The Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Art Museum in Philadelphia is a sight that you should not miss. It is known for its historical artifacts, rich cultural heritage, and each fragment of the museum practically oozes artistic brilliance. 

The Philadelphia Art Museum is known to be one of the largest museums in the country. It is very famous amongst tourists, as nearly a million people come to visit each year and soak in the wonderful and vibrant art of the museum. People visit it multiple times and claim that it is even more exciting each time. This article will tell you the main attractions of the museum and bring to light exactly why one should visit and marvel at the beauty of this culturally brilliant place:

Collections Of Art

The works of art that can be found within the Philadelphia Art Museum are unlike others. It has approximately 225,000 pieces of art. They include art from the Renaissance and the ancient cultures, as well as ones from the modern day. Art can be found from the most famous and brilliant artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Thomas Eakins, Pablo Picasso and many more.

The Architecture

The museum’s pieces of art are not the only artwork worth mentioning.  The museum’s architecture is itself a sight for sore eyes. The high ceilings and the beautiful caramel bricks are dazzling to the eyes under the soft golden light of the museum, giving it an added splash of beauty which is perfect for displaying the centuries old art.


The website of the art museum shows that there are more than 25 exhibitions each year. Different works of art and diverse cultural pieces are displayed within the museum as people visit and learn about art, ranging from the history of the world wars to the modern day art of brands such as Dior. Each piece of art encompasses beauty and uniqueness, the museum is one of a kind with its inclusive and diverse displays.

Most Famous And Remarkable Paintings

The most well-known paintings include Vincent Van Gogh’s Vase With Twelve Sunflowers, Pablo Picasso’s Old Woman, Thomas Eakins’ The Gross Clinic and Rogier’s Crucifixion Diptych. These are only some of the main attractions and are amongst the most photographed and highlighted paintings of the museum.

Shop And Visit

You know something exciting? The museum has countless exhibitions and programs that are divided into those that are designed specifically for children while others are for adults. They also have items that one can shop for, including a wide range of books as well as gifts including jewelry, paintings, and toys. It is all open to the public.

With its wide range of paintings, exhibitions, and beautiful architecture, the Philadelphia Museum of Art is a place that should be visited by everyone who loves culture and history. The museum is also extremely inclusive in the modern day, as they display art from every culture with a focus on diversity. Children as well as adults should definitely visit this museum and get a chance to learn and explore historical art. 

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