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Ways to be a Good Tenant

Renting a place is an exciting new chapter for most tenants. What would be unfortunate is if this initial excitement is tempered because of unhealthy relationships between you and either the landowner, rental company, or other tenants.

Some people are certain that renting a space is nothing more than a temporary arrangement. However, if your reality admits property rental as a big part of your immediate future, you would do well to apply yourself in a way that builds a favorable record for your current and future landlords, as well as tenants. Here are a few notes you must strictly adhere to:

On-time Payment Never Hurt Anyone

Your landlord might smile at you every day, but that is because they are safe in the knowledge that at the end of the month, you will remit the amount agreed in your lease. The quicker you realize that these people: the landlords, rental companies, or agencies, sometimes make budgets dependent on your rental fees, the better off your situation will be. It’s always best to pay your rent on time, or before the date agreed upon. 

Study Your Lease

Don’t feel accomplished after reading the parts you marked out as important. You have to pay attention to all the details put in the lease. If you can’t, enlist the help of a legal adviser in studying the contract. This is because your appended signature is all the proof needed that you are aware of any expectations on the part of your landowner. Also, the lease sometimes contains a list of responsibilities that you are bound to once you agree to the lease, and nobody likes a promise breaker.

Seek Consent

Always keep in mind that you are staying in a property that is not your own. Therefore, no matter how convinced you are that it will make the property more valuable, always ask for the authority to change something. This means that before you repaint, ask if you can. Before you build a shrine, report your ideas. Simply put, if your lease restricts alterations, and it usually does, seek out permission.

Keep Every Issue in Black and White

When you seek consent as mentioned earlier, make sure it is in writing, and request the granted permission be offered in writing too. Being transparent in your relationships gives you the peace of mind you deserve to enjoy.   

Even if your need is a simple maintenance request that would require a phone call, be sure to keep a dated record of the request and any associated documents.

DIY – Do It Yourself

While it’s certainly safer to rely on your property owner or caretaker for maintenance of the property, some smaller issues are not worth disturbing them. So, instead of submitting a written request for a lightbulb to be changed, or changing the batteries in an old alarm, just do the little things you can to not become an annoyance.

Respect is Reciprocal

Make it a point of duty to address your landlord or fellow tenants in a way that affords you fair treatment. Be kind when you can, and when disagreements arise, be calm enough to focus on solving the problem instead of throwing insults left and right.

Treasure Your New Home 

How would you feel if someone ruined a device you lent to them? Regardless of an understanding, the person might extend to you a bitter taste that is unlikely to become dissolved. Thus, make an effort to keep the rented space tidy and put together. Avoid contributing to the noise, air, or water pollution.

While there will always be instances where you and some people don’t just get along, as long as you follow the above steps and mind your business, the property owner is bound to recommend you. Even if he/she does it grudgingly.

Posted by: propertymanagementgroup on December 23, 2019
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