PMG was founded in 1982 by Robert Bremner. Mr. Bremner represented real estate investors who felt Mr. Bremner could do a better job than the property managers currently handling their properties. As a result of the confidence of these investors, PMG was born. Shortly thereafter, other investors and homeowners approached PMG for help with their properties. Many of these original clients are clients today.

The Company has been successful in may aspects of the real estate market. The Company's focus in the early years was in the most difficult part of the industry, the management and rental of small real estate projects throughout the Philadelphia Region. In this most competitive part of the market, Mr. Bremner developed efficient state of the art systems to ensure the satisfaction of PMG clients and the profitability of the Company.

PMG has evolved into a full service real estate company expanding the client base to include national institutions such as Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, Community Associations, Banks, Municipalities, and portfolio managers. Additionally, many banks have come to PMG for assistance with troubled properties. Many individual investors have also effectively increased their properties' cash flow and solved operational problems by hiring PMG.

PMG has expanded its range of services to include full service construction and maintenance, consulting, and brokerage. Today, while PMG is expanding, we have learned over the years of importance of strong systems and unwavering dedication to our clients. How do we keep our focus on this goal? By having Principals who emphasize, restate and carry out our mission. By being actively and continually involved in policies and decision making affecting our clients and employees. By hiring career professionals who gain satisfaction from the process of carrying out our obsession with excellence. These tenets are the cornerstones of our success. We have only one aspiration, to be the best. We have only one product, SERVICE!Pay Online